Help Desk and Customer Service Solutions

Our Help Desk and Customer Service Solutions let you reach new levels of service quality for your customers. To assure the highest quality of service, we carefully match the skills of our agents to our clients specific processes. We monitor our agents on a regular basis and have internal metrics that measure their performance to meet clients SLAs. We provide real-time feedback and coaching that align with our clients expectations. All training materials are developed with our clients, including instructions accessible to our agents at all times.

We partner with our clients passionately across all channels. We care about their brand image and nurture it as we would our own.

ADEC Philippines understands that a company’s relationship with its customers is extremely important. Which is why we created services that develop stronger customer loyalty by improving customer interactions with your brand.


Voice Services

Our inbound and outbound call services address your real estate and property related needs like market value estimates, real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, real estate financing, sale listing, investment analysis, property insurance and taxation.


Real-time Database Management

Good data is key to business success. But inefficient database management can render even the best data useless. We address this through our real-time database management solutions that effectively store and manage big data, enabling smarter business decisions and reducing risks.


Help Desk Services

We aim to provide our client organisations with a 24/7 single point of contact that supports customers on a global scale.


Our help desk services are as follows:

  • Medical Help Desk Services
  • Bank and Financial Help Desk Services
  • Help Desk Services for Schools
  • Internet Help Desk
  • Hardware Help Desk
  • Software Help Desk
  • Online Computer Help Desk
  • General Product Information Help Desk
  • Contact Centre Resourcing
  • Technical Support
Complementing our help desk services are our customer care services:
  • First, second and third-level technical support and customer care
  • Inbound and outbound contact centre outsourcing services, including voice services
  • Customer enquiries about products, services and issues
  • Customer onboarding and activation
  • Liaison to customers and other workflow parties

To assure the highest quality of service, we carefully match the skills of our agents to our clients’ specific processes.

Business Process Management

Information Technology Outsourcing