Superior Back Office Management

for greater efficiency and lower operational costs with
ADEC Philippines Managed Services.


Save Time and Resources

by entrusting to ADEC Philippines Managed Services
your organisation's non-core business processes.


Increase Focus

on your key business activities by engaging your organisation's
business processes with ADEC Philippines Managed Services.

Business Process Management

ADEC Philippines improves your processes to make your business more efficient and productive. We offer a wide array of online tools, resources and professional consulting services to help you achieve your business goals.

Information Technology Outsourcing

ADEC Philippines designs, develops and implements software technologies required for effective development and training of business processes for optimising back office functions.

Help Desk & Customer Service Solutions

ADEC Philippines understands that a company’s relationship with its customers is extremely important. Hence, we created services that improve customer interaction and overall loyalty to your brand.

About ADEC Philippines

A managed services and IT outsourcing provider based in Manila, ADEC Philippines is a member of ADEC Innovations. With a presence in five continents, ADEC Innovations provides solutions and services in the areas of data management, healthcare, sustainability, environmental data services and knowledge management.

About ADEC Philippines
Key Benefits of Managed Service Solutions

Key Benefits of a Managed Service Solution

  • More efficient and productive business processes.
    Your core business operations and structures will be streamlined, improving your company’s overall productivity.
  • Efficiencies through managed finance and accounting (F&A) processes.
    Financial compliance with existing regulations, allowing your organisation freedom to focus on its core competencies.
  • Effective training and software development, as well as optimised back office functions.
    Allowing your business’ needs to be optimised by effective technology solutions.

Industry News



ADEC Innovations’ Achievements



Sustainable Business Awards’ “Business Responsibility and Ethics Award” (2014)


Special Award (Energy Management Category), Sustainable Business Awards (2014)


Asia CEO Awards “Executive Leadership Team of the Year” (2013)